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New Vacuum Dryer for Poland. The smallest model press XXS will be used as test machine to study the polish wood kinds
The New Thermo Vacuum is under construction. This machine is the first sold in Romania.
A new Press L is in the final phase of construction. This machine will be delivered in Russia
A new Vacuum dryer for France loaded on the track to be delivered to customer
Thanks for the great participation in the edition of ligna 2019. A very competent public, attentive to innovation and coming from many countries of the world.
PRESS XXL, model out of order built on customer special needs for his big production in Ukraine
A new vacuum dryer has been built, tested and loaded on the truck. Now it is ready for the final customer in France.
Seal of excellence:final award from HORIZON 2020 UE project “Recycled Engineerd Thermo Modified wood product”
MAXI ROLL 18 for France, a great machine with usefull loading lenght of mm. 12500
2 twins driers model PRESS M for France. This company has already our machines and chose to set up a new plant.